Radio Equipment Directive

This page allows you to view the Declaration of Conformity for our Radio Equipment Products.

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Radio Equipment Product Results

Product NameBarcode/SKUInformation
Advanced Rechargeable Door Chime0489032Click Here
Blue car washing glove0343422Click Here
Bluetooth Headphone0460181Click Here
Bluetooth Headphone0460178Click Here
Bluetooth Metal Earphone0460175Click Here
Bluetooth Sports Earphone0460176Click Here
Design Bell Push0344114Click Here
Wilko 1/12 Bugatti Vision GT0438483Click Here
Wilko 1/26 R/C LICENSE CARS0456524Click Here
Wilko Adult Black Urban/BMX Cycle Helmet 54-58cm0343860Click Here
Wilko Amplified Indoor Loop Aeriel EMC LVD0475391Click Here
Wilko Classic Plug In Door Chime0488904Click Here
Wilko Classic Portable Door Chime0488903Click Here
Wilko Classic Portable Plug In Door Chime0488905Click Here
Wilko Compact 1 Way Amplifier0475389Click Here
Wilko Compact 4 Way Amplifier0475390Click Here
Wilko Digital Weather Station0419658Click Here
Wilko Flashing Door Chime 0459012Click Here
Wilko Flat Indoor Amplified Aerial EMC LVD0475392Click Here
Wilko Lamp with Charging Plate Black0526920Click Here
Wilko Lamp with Charging Plate Dark Grey0526925Click Here
Wilko Lamp with Charging Plate Green0526921Click Here
Wilko Lamp with Charging Plate Grey0526923Click Here
Wilko Modern Bell Push0344109Click Here
Wilko Modern Plug In Door Chime0344087Click Here
Wilko Modern Plug Through Door Chime0344097Click Here
Wilko Modern Port Door Chime0344086Click Here
Wilko Modern Portable Plug In Twin Door Chime0344099Click Here
Wilko Plug In Standard Door Chime0343868Click Here
Wilko Portable Standard Twin Door Chime 0343869Click Here
Wilko Premium Night Light Door Chime0489030Click Here
Wilko Premium Plug Dor Chime0488908Click Here
Wilko Premium Plug In Door Chime0488907Click Here
Wilko Premium Portable Door Chime0488906Click Here
Wilko Premium Portable Plug In Door Chime0488909Click Here
Wilko Premium Vision Door Chime0489031Click Here
Wilko Remote Control Sockets x30523930Click Here
Wilko Remote Control Wall Plugs0343066Click Here
Wilko Roadsters 1/24 Jet Panther Remote Control Car0482868Click Here
Wilko Roadsters RC Moto Razer0456525Click Here
Wilko Standard Level Push Bell 0343988Click Here
Wilko Standard Portable Door Chime0343853Click Here
Wilko Standard Portable Plug In Twin Door Chime0343941Click Here
Wilko Universal wireless charger0485804Click Here
Wilko Wireless Cycle Computer UKCA0506084Click Here
Wilko Wireless Rechargeable Cycle Indicator and Rear Light UKCA0506083Click Here
Wireless Keyboard0472058Click Here
Wireless Mouse0460191Click Here