Many of us will be out and about trick-or-treating with our little monsters this year; emerging from the darkness to frighten friends and family alike!

But with the nights drawing in, it's important to think about safety as well as fun.

This is why we've introduced enhanced safety standards for all our Halloween costumes, assessing flammability and testing them over and above the legal requirement. All our costumes comply with British nightwear standards, so look out for the sticker on pack.

No matter how careful you are with your outfit, naked flames always pose a safety risk - so keep the kids extra safe and check out our LED tealights. They're a great alternative to a candle in a pumpkin! And make sure you're seen this Halloween with our spooktacular reflective stickers, which are ideal for brightening up dark costumes.

When you really want to get spooky stuff done, where there's a Wilko, there's a way.

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Halloween Costumes Product Results

Product NameBarcode/SKUInformation
ALICE IN WONDERLAND 12-14 0417581Click Here
ALICE IN WONDERLAND 8-10 0417580Click Here
BAT JUMP SUIT 3-4 0416847Click Here
BAT JUMP SUIT 5-6 0416848Click Here
BLACK BAT FAIRY 3-4 0416849Click Here
BLACK BAT FAIRY 5-6 0416850Click Here
DAY OF THE DEAD 12-14 0417572Click Here
DAY OF THE DEAD 8-10 0417571Click Here
DEAD RIDING HOOD 12-14 0417579Click Here
DEAD RIDING HOOD 8-10 0417578Click Here
Dress Up Mermaid0350596Click Here
Dress up Pirate0336205Click Here
PUMPKIN TABARD 18-2YRS 0416841Click Here
PUMPKIN TABARD 2-3YRS 0416842Click Here
Purple Witch 11-12 0416747Click Here
Purple Witch 3-4 0416743Click Here
Purple Witch 5-6 0416744Click Here
Purple Witch 7-8 0416745Click Here
Purple Witch 9-10 0416746Click Here
SKELETON BABY GROW SIZE 1 (6-12) 0416845Click Here
SKELETON BABY GROW SIZE 2 (12-18) 0416846Click Here
TEEN VOODOO 11-12 0416853Click Here
TEEN VOODOO 7-8 0416851Click Here
TEEN VOODOO 9-10 0416852Click Here
WICKED WITCH 12-14 0417568Click Here
WICKED WITCH 16-18 0417569Click Here
WICKED WITCH 20-22 0417570Click Here
WICKED WITCH 8-10 0417567Click Here
Wilko Bloodsucking Vampire 11-12 0349470Click Here
Wilko Bloodsucking Vampire 7-8 0320892Click Here
Wilko Bloodsucking Vampire 9-10 0305326Click Here
Wilko Cheeky Devil 18mth -2 0349037Click Here
Wilko Cheeky Devil 2-3 0349483Click Here
Wilko Cheeky Pirate 3-4 0349040Click Here
Wilko Cheeky Pirate 5-6 0349041Click Here
Wilko Cheeky Pumpkin 0334857Click Here
Wilko Devil L/XL 0349460Click Here
Wilko Devil M/L 0348949Click Here
Wilko Dracula L/XL 0349466Click Here
Wilko Dracula M/L 0349085Click Here
Wilko Fearsom Frankie 3-4 0348944Click Here
Wilko Fearsom Frankie 5-6 0348945Click Here
Wilko Fearsome Werewolf L/XL 0349461Click Here
Wilko Fearsome Werewolf M/L 0348952Click Here
Wilko Haunted Bride 12-14 0334943Click Here
Wilko Haunted Bride 8-10 0334942Click Here
Wilko Little Skeleton 18mth - 2 COLOURFUL SKELETON 0334952Click Here
Wilko Little Skeleton 2-3 COLOURFUL SKELETON 0349482Click Here
Wilko Little Witch 2-3 0349480Click Here
Wilko Little Witch 5-6 0305296Click Here
Wilko Master Of Doom 11-12 0349468Click Here
Wilko Master Of Doom 7-8 0320915Click Here
Wilko Master Of Doom 9-10 0320916Click Here
Wilko Master Of Doom L/XL 0349462Click Here
Wilko Master Of Doom M/L 0348953Click Here
Wilko Naughty Nurse 12-14 0349081Click Here
Wilko Naughty Nurse 8-10 0349080Click Here
Wilko Punky Skeleton 11-12 0305260Click Here
Wilko Punky Skeleton 7-8 0349477Click Here
Wilko Punky Skeleton 9-10 0305282Click Here
Wilko Scary Skeleton 11-12 0349469Click Here
Wilko Scary Skeleton 3-4 0349038Click Here
Wilko Scary Skeleton 5-6 0349039Click Here
Wilko Scary Skeleton 7-8 0334955Click Here
Wilko Scary Skeleton 9-10 0334956Click Here
Wilko Scary Surgeon 11-12 0349055Click Here
Wilko Scary Surgeon 7-8 0349472Click Here
Wilko Scary Surgeon 9-10 0349054Click Here
Wilko Scary Surgeon L/XL 0349467Click Here
Wilko Scary Surgeon M/L 0349087Click Here
Wilko Skeleton Mini Dress 12-14 0349077Click Here
Wilko Skeleton Mini Dress 16-18 0349487Click Here
Wilko Skeleton Mini Dress 8-10 0349076Click Here
Wilko Skeleton Mini Dress Sleeveless 11-12 0417575Click Here
Wilko Skeleton Mini Dress Sleeveless 7-8 0417573Click Here
Wilko Skeleton Mini Dress Sleeveless 9-10 0417574Click Here
Wilko Sorceress 12-14 0349070Click Here
Wilko Sorceress 16-18 0349071Click Here
Wilko Sorceress 20-22 0349485Click Here
Wilko Sorceress 8-10 0349069Click Here
Wilko Spooky Skeleton T-Shirt L/ 0349465Click Here
Wilko Spooky Skeleton T-Shirt M/ 0349464Click Here
Wilko Spooky Skeleton T-Shirt S/ 0349463Click Here
Wilko Werewolf 11-12 0349052Click Here
Wilko Werewolf 3-4 0320922Click Here
Wilko Werewolf 5-6 0320923Click Here
Wilko Werewolf 7-8 0349471Click Here
Wilko Werewolf 9-10 0334946Click Here
Wilko Zombie 11-12 0349057Click Here
Wilko Zombie 7-8 0349473Click Here
Wilko Zombie 9-10 0349056Click Here
Wilko Zombie Cheerleader 11-12 0349051Click Here
Wilko Zombie Cheerleader 7-8 0349479Click Here
Wilko Zombie Cheerleader 8-10 0349061Click Here
Wilko Zombie Cheerleader 9-10 0349050Click Here